Edmonton Kickstarter Watch – April 17

Technically Diceborn Heroes isn’t from Edmonton but the designer was nice enough to come up & support GOBfest so I’ll et it go (just this once). Look for it on Kickstarter one week from today.

Other good news is that event though Rolling Empires didn’t quite make it to their funding goal, they’re going to take everything they’ve learned and relaunch this summer. I’ll be looking for more news on that will be getting back to you once I know the date.

Finally, Thieving Jerks is at 80% of their goal with two weeks left to go. If you’re one of those last minute “I’ll back it if it’s close” people, now’s the time. Help get them over the edge!

Currently Funding on Kickstarter:
Thieving Jerks by Stray Joker Innovations

Kickstarters Launching in the near future:

Diceborn Heroes (Launches April 26th)
Carthage by SAS Creative (Launching in May)
-Crazy Cat Lady by Tower Guard Games (Launching in June)
-Rolling Empires (Launching this summer)
-Kaiju Conquest by ATC Games (More news coming soon)
-Untitled project by Minister Faust (More news coming soon)
-Untitled project by Creation Oceanic (More news coming soon)

Do you have a Kickstarter coming out that you want on this list? Let me know and I’ll add it too!