Nerd List Update – April 16

I set a goal of re-doing one section per week and I just made it under the wire this week. “Conventions, Shows & Tournaments” has now been replaced with “Events.” All the links are tested and should be accurate now. If you feel like testing any of them, by all means go ahead and let me know if anything doesn’t work. The tags under each event are pretty much just placeholders for now. If there’s anything that’s missing, just fire me off an e-mail at and I’ll update the listing.

Beyond that, I managed to get out this week and play a local developer’s upcoming Kickstarter game (Carthage) and I’m pretty sure it’s going to crush his funding goal. Support local!

As always if anyone wants to help out; check out the nerd list Patreon (also in need of an update), like & share our posts on Facebook & Twitter or just send an e-mail when you hear of something interesting & nerdy around Edmonton.

Thanks everyone for your continued support!