Harry Potter and the Field Trip to Hogwarts (Win a trip to the Wizarding World Of Harry Potter!) – Apr 29

There’s a ton of huge Harry Potter fans in town that would want to win this…. Full credit to The Buckingham & Thirsty Nerd Trivia for an awesome contest & prize!

Official link here.

After a year of waiting, its back! And this time we’re sending the winner to Universal Studios Orlando to visit the Harry Potter World of Wizarding (Flight, Accommodations, Park tickets for 2, $3500 value). Butterbeer, Trivia, Quidditch, Costumes, Scavenger Hunt and More!

How it works:
Choose your House: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, or Ravenclaw. When you purchase your tickets, choose which house you’d like to be entered into. Go it alone, or with a group of friends. Houses will be seated together in the Buckingham and will work together to earn the most points. There are limited tickets for each house. Tickets go on sale at The Buckingham on Monday April 17th.
Earn Points for your House:
Houses will be evenly numbered, and as such will compete against each other for points. The house with the most points at the end of the day will be the winning house, and will then compete to win the Grand Prize.

Ways to Earn Points:
-Dressing up in house colors/robes. Dressing up in house colors will earn points for your house.
– Instagram Scavenger Hunt. During the week leading up to the big day, we will be posting tasks for you to earn points for your house. Post on Instagram with the appropriate tags and we will award house points to your team. (Examples of tasks: Show off your full collection of HP books – 1 point, Take a picture in house colors by The Talas Dome – 5 points)
-Trivia in the bar. At 4pm we will start our rounds of Harry Potter Trivia, correctly answer questions to earn points for your house. Trivia will be on HP Movies and Books.
– Quidditch. Compete in quidditch matches at the Buck to earn house points.
– Spelling Bee. Know your Harry Potter Spells to earn points for your house.
– Lose points for your house by cheating, or through poor sportsmanship.
Every house will have equal opportunity to earn points. The members of the top house will compete in 1 final round to determine the grand prize winner.