Introvert’s Reading Night In & Out – Apr 28 & May 5

Introvert’s Reading Night has been a regular occurrence at Variant Edition over the last six months and now that the weather has finally warmed up enough; they’re taking it on the road. On May 5 you can get out and enjoy the company of others outside without any pressure of interacting. Alternatively, you can go their regular event indoors on April 28.

Find the link to the indoor event here.

Grab a book and come to Variant Edition, where chairs and peace and quiet await!

Occuring during the closing hours of our work day, Introverts Reading Night is a time where you can hang out with like minded readers, have some tea, and listen to some beautiful, low-key music without the pressure of having to mingle. (Although you can if you like! Just… quietly.)

Drop in and leave whenever you wish!

Tips: Bring a blanket and your own tea for bonus comfort! We will provide the hot water and cups. Also, if you have a comfortable, portable chair, bring that too! We have lots of seating, but we want you to be comfortable!

FAQ: “Can I come if I’m not an introvert?”
A: Absolutely! As with all our events (and general day-to-day), we ask that everyone be mindful of the comfort level of others, but otherwise, all are welcome!

See the link to the outdoor event here.

We’re holding our first INTROVERTS READING NIGHT OUT!

Join us at Grant Notely Park on Friday May 5th for a quiet night of reading with like minded folks. Bring chairs, blankets and some reading material, and spend a peaceful night overlooking the River Valley.

Drop in and leave whenever you wish!