Defenders Of The Triforce – Jun 23-25

Guess what tickets just went on sale for? Teams of six working together to solve puzzles inspired by The Legend Of Zelda! Get your tickets fast, it might have sold out by the time I’m done posting this!

Edmonton Event link here.

Defenders of the Triforce
Defeat the darkness. Find the Master Sword!

Do you have the courage, wisdom, and power to save Hyrule from evil? Find out in SCRAP’s newest game, “Defenders of the Triforce,” produced in collaboration with Nintendo and The Legend of Zelda series.

-Real Escape Game, created by SCRAP Entertainment, is a unique and interactive live puzzle event where teams solve mysteries and clues within a time limit.

You and your fellow players are heroes actually inside the story who must escape from a scenario filled with challenging puzzles and other brainteasers.

There will be multiple teams during each game, all trying to escape. Players are encouraged to communicate frequently and divide tasks efficiently in order to solve all the puzzles before time runs out.

If you are a person who likes answering riddles, solving complex puzzles, or are just looking for a good mental challenge, this event is for you!

This is NOT a maze or traditional escape room! It is a fully hosted, story-based escape event designed for puzzle fans and fans of the Zelda franchise.