Pathfinder ACG Mini-Con (TBD)

**Update. Due to a scheduling conflict, this event is being re-scheduled**

Ever wanted to play the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game? The local Pathfinder Society is going to be giving you a chance on April 22 at the Adventurer’s Guild. It’s an entire day and you’ll get a chance to try out four different boxed sets. Maybe this is the time I finally get out and try it too?

Here’s the event link (if it doesn’t work, you may have to join the Edmonton PFS Group to see it).

(Also, here’s a message from local Pathfinder organizer extraordinaire Ross Tait)

Hello everyone!

I am excited to announce for the first time ever in Edmonton history. The very first Pathfinder Adventure Card Game mini con!!

On April 22nd at the Adventurers Guild, ACG VLs Jason Switner , Aaron Steele and myself will showcase the ACG and help other players learn how to play this fun game. This is an all day event. It’s drop in and we can accommodate groups who want to play together or singles who just want to show up and play. Each session is only 1 and half hours long so they easily can be fit into a Saturday when you have time. If you want to play again, you can! If you can only make one session, that’s fine too! We will be featuring the Rise of the Runelords, Mummy’s Mask, Skull and Shackles, and Wrath of the Righteous box sets!

Best part….it’s free to play!!

For PFS players who want to give it a shot, there will be a draw at the end of the day where player’s can earn a racial boon for their characters that was available at previous cons. This includes the grippli, the vishkanya, and the aasimar. Player’s choice.

So come on out and give it a try. We look forward to seeing you there!!