March Meltdown – March 25

Before I started the Nerd List I used to think there weren’t very many Video Game events going on in Edmonton. I guess I just wasn’t looking hard enough. One week from today is the Edmonton Fighting Games Club’s next event, March Meltdown. Anyone want to go to Overklocked on Wednesday and get some more practice in?

Check the event link here for more details & updates.

EFGC Presents the long awaited sequel to “New Generation” with March Meltdown.

Games being Run at the event.
GG Xrd Revelator
FREE Killer Instict Tournament with $100 Pot Bonus hosted by GreatDane

VENUE FEE is 10 Bucks unless you bring a set up of a console and a monitor then the Venue fee is waved.
Game Entry :
SFV- $10.00

Sign up will happen on site at the door to get into the event.

Venue Doors Open at 1
Marvel and GG starts at 1:30
Sfv starts at 2-2:30
Killer Instinct 3:30
Sfv top 8 streamed from 4

More details to come soon.