Amonket Open House (Learn To Play MTG Event)

One of the most common complaints you here about Magic: The Gathering events is that they’re not particularly beginner-friendly. Warp 2 is looking to change that with their upcoming open house event. Beginner-friendly & kid-friendly too!

See details here.

Amonkhet Open House Event!
The perfect event for new players or those looking to learn Magic the Gathering!

Start Time : Noon
Entry Fee : Free!

New Players will receive a ‘Welcome to Magic’ Standard deck!
Staff members Christina and Mike will be on hand to teach new players! 
Experienced players encourged to help train the new recruits!

Once the training part is complete we will be hosting a free standard event for all players new and old!

At the end all new players and those who brought/Trained the new players will receive a unique foil full-art basic land!

Also we will have all starter level material for magic at 25% off for those who paticipate in the Open House!