Spruce Grove is Getting A Comic Book Store (& Gaming Too!)

Sort of breaking news today. I’ve been holding onto this little nugget since I noticed their logo change and asked about it. They were finally ready to announce it publicly though. You’ve likely already met the owners of Hyperspace Comics; they travel to all the local shows around Edmonton and they’ve built up a substantial following already. Not a lot of other details to share at this point but they’ll be located at 319B McLeod Ave, will be selling gaming as well and will be open some time in May.

Follow along on their Facebook page as they’ll be posting regular updates and maybe you can provide some feedback as to what you’d like to see them carry?

I just realized that we didn’t tell all you lovely people the good news. Jon and I will be opening our store this May in Spruce Grove! We are super excited and can’t wait to be open. We will be posting the progress on the store all throughout April so stay tuned. If all goes to plan we will be open on Free Comic Book Day. Please spread the news and we hope that you come check us out in May!