Edmonton Kickstarter Watch-March 13th

One new addition this week. A local Grandfather/Grandson team launched a Kickstarter for their custom Lego kit to build a Leopard 2A6 Main Battle Tank. This one just kind of appeared and it’s doing well so check it out.

As for the other projects currently funding, 5ive is still chugging along after reaching its funding goal days after launch & Rolling Empires is about 50% of the way there so check it out! (especially you local stores!).

Currently Funding on Kickstarter:

5ive: King’s Court by GameStax (Fully Funded!)
Rolling Empires by FongoMongo Games
Leopard 2A6 Lego Kit by Connor Querin

Kickstarters Launching in the near future:

Carthage by SAS Creative (Launching in May)
-Crazy Cat Lady by Tower Guard Games (Launching in June)
-Kaiju Conquest by ATC Games (More news coming soon)
-Untitled project by Minister Faust (More news coming soon)

Do you have a Kickstarter coming out that you want on this list? Let me know and I’ll add it too!