GEARS Board Game Evening-Mar. 11

One more thing to add for the weekend. Feel like supporting the Greater Edmonton Animal Rescue Society by playing board games & eating popcorn?

Check it out here.

We are setting up a table top games night at Bannerman Community Hall. Entrance will cost $5 for unlimited gaming and snacks. 

Looking forward to seeing everyone there! We have unlimited popcorn and drinks to accompany your board game play!

We have 20 board games in store, but feel free to supply your own if you have a favourite!
– Tribond
– Blurt
– Catch Phrase
– Cranium Junior
– Cranium 
– Cranium Pop 5
– Balderdash
– Mad Gab
– Taboo
– Partini
– Life 
– After Dinner Trivia
– Trivial Pursuit
– Pandemic
– Clue
– Pictionary
– Scattergories
– Monopoly
– Scrabble
– Battleship
– Jenga
And cards to play!