Board N Brew Café Opens March 15th!

I was going to hold off posting this until tomorrow but that wouldn’t have made a whole lot of sense if I shared the text below… They did announce today after all!

Check their Facebook page for more details!

Today marks a momentous occasion! 

We are thrilled to announce our (soft) opening day! So many of you have popped by our establishment only to walk away disappointed that we were not yet open. Well, we have been working hard to finally be able to announce our opening day. Come see us on March 15th! Our doors will be open!

It’s a little fitting that one year ago today, on Graeme’s birthday no less, we lifted off our business by incorporating and making it official! Yep, we have the paperwork. Broad N Brew! Legit! …Wait… Broad N Brew?! Am I seeing that correctly? We got that fixed… Right guys? Someone caught that mistake? Guys? Guys…?