Mutts & Meeples – Mar. 5

Cat person or dog person? Looks like Table Top Café will have had an event for both now. After the success of their Cat Café back in January, they’re back at it on Sunday with Mutts & Meeples.

Check out the event link here and get your tickets here! There’s still a few left. I checked 🙂

It’s a dog party, and everyone is invited! Midterms got you down? Need something to get you relaxed and ready to face another Monday? You’re in luck! On March 5, Table Top Cafe is partnering with CAAWLS for our very first therapy dog hang-out, so go fetch your friends and get ready to pet some dogs!

For those of you who haven’t heard of CAAWLS, their mission is to develop and make available effective animal assisted therapeutic services to health and social services providers, as well as to promote Animal Assisted Interaction to the community. They do really amazing work, and we are very excited to be hosting an event for them! 


-How long will I have to cuddle those adorable pups?-
Thirty minutes! We’ll be allowing in groups of twelve at a time.

-How much does it cost?-
$15 per person, which includes board gaming for the rest of the day! The Eventbrite link will be posted Tuesday, February 14, at NOON.

-Where will the dogs be?-
Dogs won’t be in actual cafe, so those with allergies are okay! For those of you that have been into our 124th Street store, we’ll be housing the dogs in the lobby — it’s separated by an inside door, so we’ll be encouraing entry through the main door to the lobby to avoid dog dander madness!

-Can I bring my own pet?-
As much as we’re sure they are lovely, sadly, no. This is for the safety of the other animals.

For more information on their organization and the work that they do, see CAAWLS website at