KefCon’s The Gauntlet – Feb 25

Were you doing anything this weekend more fun that 17 straight hours of Board Gaming? I’ve posted about this before but there’s a schedule now! You’ll get a chance to play games like Kemet, Cosmic Encounters, Conan, Kingdon Death Monster, Rolling Empires and so many more!

Check the event link here. There’s still a few spots left if you hurry!

Alright folks, the half-way event to the new KefCon event is coming up next Saturday! It’s a fundraiser event where everyone wins! You get a full day of gaming goodness with over 40 games to play (all being taught of course!) and KEFCon gets the support it needs to exist! 

We’ve teamed up with The Gamers’ Lodge for this event and they’ll handle all the food and drinks! Plus you’ll be on 124th street so there’s lots of options on that street for dining options. 

Signup at this link to register for the event and games. Come out to help us keep on Keeping Evenings Fun! Support local businesses and events!