Edmonton E-Sports (Coming Soon)

Well, this just appeared on my radar… (thanks for the tip, Frozen Machine). Looks like we’re getting a new E-Sports organization in town.

From their Facebook page, “Edmonton E-Sports is a company based in Edmonton, AB. We are focused on showcasing Edmonton and area citizens in various eSports competitions to the rest of the world!”

As for what that means, they’re looking to put together teams for Overwatch and give some of you the chance to earn an income from playing… Here’s a pic from their web designer’s page:


That’s definitely not all though. They’ve announced their intention to host an online Hearthstone tournament with a $500 (minimum) prize.

Wanna make $500? Edmonton eSports is happy to announce that we will be hosting our very first tournament online. This 8-Series Qualifier will start on March 4th, and the finals will end with the top 4 winning a seat at the finals to compete for the $500 prize (may raise but will not drop). Stay tuned for more details and to find out when we are releasing the sign up forms!

Keep an eye on their WebsiteFacebook, Twitter & Instagram for more details and I’ll keep you posted too as soon as I find out more!