Student DevCon 2017 – Mar 25

I will always selfishly promote this kind of an event by Startup Edmonton (especially if we get to keep our nerds local…). This is seriously a great chance for everyone who’s looking for work in the tech sector.

Get your tickets while they last by clicking here.

The best opportunity to level up your development skills and prepare for an awesome job. Join us for a full-day of workshops, panels, and hands-on experience with CTOs and Dev Teams from our city’s fastest growing tech companies. 

Learn the skills and resources you need to get hired & that you won’t learn at University: version control, real-world team communication tools, maintenance protocols, and practices.

Hear from Founders and top technical talent at local scaling companies. Past companies include Jobber, Granify, Drivewyze, gskinner, plus special guests from Airbnb and Apple! 

Get details on how to get hired and be successful once you join a team!  

Show don’t tell! Recruiters demo what startups are looking for when hiring for technical positions.

Inspired to start your own project or product? Connect with the Startup Edmonton team about programs and supports for students interested in entrepreneurship.

Tickets for Student DevCon 2017 are $35 and available at