The Great Edmonton Book Swap is back! Feb. 26

Words don’t express just how excited I am that this is coming back. The Great Edmonton Book Swap is only two weeks away! Find it at The Aviary on Feb. 26.

Event details here.

It has come to management’s attention that we… forgot to do a book swap in 2016. Whoops. Let’s fix that by all meeting at the Aviary on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, OK?

If you’ve never been before, or if you forget how this all works, here are the rules:
1. Bring at least 5 gently used books.
2. Leave with more.

What kind of books? Our guiding principle is: Anything that a reasonable person would reasonably want to read. So that’s literary and commercial fiction, non-fiction of all stripes, graphic novels, you name it. (Reasonably good condition, too, please.)

Tickets are $5 at the door. Coffee and other drinks will be available for purchase.

Bring your books. Tell your friends. Tell your friends to bring their books. It’s swapping season.