Table Top Café & The X Realm: The Geeky Night Out Package

Ready for a Geeky Night Out package? If you’ve been looking for a chance to try an escape room and play board games, this’ll make for a heck of a night out for four people.

Looking for a new and exciting reason to get out of the house, despite the cold weather? Table Top Cafe and The X Realm are happy to announce our Geeky Night Out Package For Four! For $90, you’ll get:
-Admission for your whole group to an hour-long escape room adventure at The X Realm
-Base fees covered at Table Top Cafe for everyone in your group, as well as 15% off food items and two complementary bowls of candy to snack on while you play something from the huge selection of board games. 
-This punch card will let you enjoy both activities in one day, or split them up into two separate outings.
All in all, you’ll save $40 — that’s a pretty cool deal if you ask us. For more information, contact either Table Top Cafe or The X Realm!