KEFCon Presents: The Gauntlet-Feb. 25

**Updated-Jan. 20**

Ok, so all I have at the moment is the image and I’m running late and this is a completely bare bones post but KEFCon will be running 17 hours of board games at The Gamer’s Lodge on Feb. 25. It’ll only be $20 to participate and you get a food voucher with it.

Also, the schedule will be up soon on so you can see what kind of games are getting played. Keep an eye on, or their Facebook page for more info.


KEFCon: The Gauntlet is a 17 hour marathon event put on by the organizers of KEFCon in collaboration with The Gamers’ Lodge.

Entry fee for the day is $20.00 which can be paid via paypal on Warhorn, or at the store upon entry. 
5 dollars goes towards a food voucer which you can use at the Gamers’ Lodge cafe! 

Register online at:

The Gauntlet is put on as a fundraiser to raise funds for the KEFCon library to contiune keeping up with the latest releases so our attendees get to play and learn the FIRST! KEFCon has run 3 events over the course of a year and around 80% of the games featured are from one of the organziers personal library. However, as each year goes by thousands of more games get released and many of this are exceptional. It has always been KEFCon’s goal to feature these games and the feedback we’ve gotten regarding that has proven that people love to play new games! 

So join us at we embark on a 17 hour journey through board game titles old and new as we hope to continue providing Edmonton’s board game community with the latest and most hyped games!