The Golden Grot 2017 Miniatures Painting Competition: Feb. 25

Hey! All that painting you’ve been doing in private… ready to show it off and maybe win something? Games Workshop in Kingsway Mall is giving you that chance on Feb. 25!

Check the Facebook event link here.

It’s that time of year Warlords, and we’re not about to stop storied traditions of Kingsway Games Workshop; just giving a little twist!

On February 25th, we are hosting the Golden Grot Painting contest! (Formerly known as golden goblin!).  

The painting contest will have 5 Categories, with one being a special addition.

1. Single Model Warhammer: Age of Sigmar

2. Single Model Warhammer: 40000

3. Single Forgeworld model

4. Staff single Model any system

5. specialty games! Want to enter your bloodbowl team? LOTR models? Silver tower? This is the category for you!

We will be displaying the models all day Armies on parade style with open voting for painters and other customers visiting the store, and will display them until 5pm on Saturday. Votes will be tallied, and winners shall be announced, with a special announcement at the end!

Sign up by signing up for the event on Facebook and/or signing up in store! There is no limit to how many of the categories you enter!