Introverts Reading Night, Choose Your Own Adventure & The Game Master Support Group @ Variant Edition

Variant Edition just announced a whole slew of new events and I figured I’d get January’s out in one post this time. Two previous favourites are returning; Introverts Reading Night & Choose Your Own Adventure Night (kind of opposites of each other…).

They’ve also added something new though. The Game Master Support Group. See the text below for an explanation and the links to all three events.

Monday the 16th we will be trying out a new type of event, the Game Master Support Group.. Are you an experienced Gamemaster with tons of ideas you can’t share with your players? Or maybe you’re someone who’s always wanted to try out Gamemastering and are looking for a bit of advice/ideas. We’re putting together a time where people can come together to share their experiences/ideas or exchange resources.  

The first event is going to be quite informal where we will come together and decide how we want the format of future events to go down. If successful we hope to have many more in the future.

Jan. 16 – Game Master Support Group

Jan. 20 – Introverts Reading Night

Jan. 26 – Choose Your Own Adventure Nostalgia Night