All Star Sports Cards & Collectables is Moving Out of Bonnie Doon

I’m pretty excited for this move… All Star has almost been a hidden secret for Edmonton, just quietly nestled in Bonnie Doon Mall. They hit on all the big nerdy levels too. They’ve got Miniatures games, RPGs, Collectibles, Toys, Cards & so much more. They’re particularly well known for their X-Wing gaming and now they’re going to have their own location and twice the room that they used to have.

(Also, they’ll be right across the street from where I work)

Check their Facebook page for updates on the move at the end of January.

All Star would like to announce that the month of January will be our last month in Bonnie Doon Centre. We have signed a lease agreement at a new location 5 minutes south of the mall in a strip mall at 6017 86st.right across from the Davies ETS Park n Ride. We are really excited for this move as we will be almost doubling our floor space in a great location. The new location should be open by February 1st, but we will be still remain open in Bonnie Doon throughout the month of January.