smallCON: A Large Event (LARP) Feb. 18-19

Pardon the graphic above (ignore the date) but the people behind LargeCon 2016 & the Live Action Role-Players’ Guild of Edmonton are back in February with a huge lineup of games. One of the most interesting things is the location of the event;  it’s being held in the vacant Westmount Theatre. A lot of possibilities for a space like that….
Anyway, you can check their Facebook group link above for more details or visit the general tickets link for a weekend pass. Have more questions for them? They can be reached at

We are pleased to announce smallCON 2017’s fantastic roster of games. From sci-fi to VtM to fantasy are a range of genre’s and playstyles, including a family-friendly Sunfall experience.

Check out the links below, and we hope to see you at smallCON!

Will That Be All – British servants seeking love and friendship in the early 20th century:

Starfall: SOS – Boffer-light Space Opera

Against the Grain – Racial and gender tension in WW2 industry

Sunfall: Shrine of the Forgotten God

MAPLE: Centre For Criminal Wizard Youth – Youth prisoners in the Harry Potter Universe

Unto the Not So Gentle Night – Nordic-style Vampire the Masquerade