GOBlet’s Play!

I had really meant to get this post out a little earlier but thankfully my Saturday night cleared up a great deal once the little one was asleep…

Many of you already know that GOBfest is rapidly approaching (April 8-9) and in advance of that event, you’ll be seeing a lot of their redshirt organizers at local gaming cafés around the city. How awesome would it be if you’d already had a few chances to play the big games that’ll be featured over two days of gaming? Betting you’ll get a lot more gaming in that way….

The first game on their list is Scythe and their first tour stop is at The Gamer’s Lodge. Event details can be found here.

In anticipation of GOBfest 2017 (April 8-9), our merry band of organizers are hitting the town to teach some of the hot games featured at this year’s convention! Look for us in the red shirts!

For our first “GOBlet” we’re featuring one of the year’s most talked about games, the excellent SCYTHE. Come and see what all the hype is all about! 

(Please Note: The Gamers’ Lodge charges a 5$/person gaming fee)

For more about Scythe, check out: http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/169786/scythe