2017 Events

January 7
E.P.I.C. Harry Potter Yule Ball
Flociety : Heroes and Villains, The Legacy of Ra.

January 11, 2017
Nerd Nite Edmonton #4
Super Smash Bros. Tournament @ Denizen Hall

January 12, 2017
Science in The Cinema: Life Itself – Jan. 12

January 13,2017
Jay Ingram & The Cosmonauts @ TWOSE : Jan. 13-14
Aether Revolt Pre-Release Weekend (Jan. 13-15)

January 14, 2017
Beginner Miniature Painting Clinic – Jan.14

January 15, 2017
Starship Troopers-20th Anniversary Screening at Metro Cinema

January 18, 2017
Goldeneye N64 Tournament @ Denizen Hall
Gateway to Cinema: “DeadPool” Free Student Movie: Jan. 18

January 19, 2017
Dark Matters (Telus World Of Science)

January 20, 2017
Hollywood In Space at the Winspear Centre
Taste Of Animethon Begins (Jan. 20-21)

January 21
It Came From Out Of The Basement Begins (Jan. 21-22)
David Bowie’s Labyrinth Pajama Party @ Telus World Of Science

January 22
Pop-Up Cupcakes Cat Café @ Table Top Café

January 23
GOBlet’s Play at Hexagon Café

January 24
DemoCamp 34 (Startup Edmonton)
EDAC Open House

January 25
Mario Party Tournament – Jan. 25 @Denizen Hall

January 28
Halo 5 (4v4) Tournament – Jan. 28 @Microsoft Store WEM (With Prizes)

January 29, 2017
High Score E-Sports Bar & Gaming Lounge Pop-Up event
FIFA 17 Tournament @ The Pint
Table Top Market @Table Top Café

February 2
Groundhog Day (Movie) at Metro Cinema
LGN Presents: Indie Comics 

February 4, 2017
GOBfest’s Games Galore Silent Auction
FaceToFaceGames.com Edmonton Open (3K)

February 8, 2017
Nerd Nite #32: Helping You Dream Of Summer

February 9
Walking Dead Trivia @ The Pint

February 10
Dedfest Presents MAD MAX: Fury Road Black & Chrome

February 14
Quote-A-Long: The Princess Bride @ Metro Cinema
Dice & Dates at Table Top Café

February 18, 2017
UAV Drone Ground School
Reel Family Cinema Presents: Kubo And The Two Strings
Pixar In Concert at the Winspear Centre
smallCON: A Large Event (LARP)  Begins (Feb. 18-19)

February 24
3D Modeling Weekend Workshop (Fri/Sat)
Board Game Night at EPL’s Makerspace

Saturday, February 25, 2017
February #YEG Podcast Meet-Up @ Variant Edition
Intro to Prop and Costume Painting @ Theatre Garage
Come As Your Hero: Little Warriors Fundraiser! @ The Jump (Fort Saskatchewan)
Alberta Youth Chess Championship (Sat/Sun)
February Winter Series (Pokémon Sun & Moon 3DS event @ Happy Harbor)
The Golden Grot 2017 Miniatures Painting Competition: Feb. 25
Science In The Cinema: How To Train Your Dragon
KEFCon Presents: The Gauntlet
GTFO Officially Re-Opens
Books 2 Buy Sale (Enterprise Square) – Feb. 25-26
Monthly Lock-in at Overklocked
TEDxUAlberta 2017 Conference

Sunday, February 26
Shindig 2017 (Bowling with the Alberta Browncoats!)
Winter Commander Commander 2017 @ Wizards (Sherwood Park)
The Academy Awards Live at Metro Cinema
89th Academy Awards® : LIVE Viewing Event! @ The Rec Room

February 27
Ultraman Double Feature

March 3, 2017
Visions Of Comics Art Show Cancelled (Will be back again)
-Nintendo Switch Releases in Stores.
-Logan (Wolverine 3 releases in theatres)
League Of Legends Night at EPL’s Makerspace

March 4
Coast To Coast Comic Con 2017-March 4th
Rolling Empires (Local Kickstarter) launches.
Open Data Day 2017
SNAC Maid Cafe 2017 -Fundraiser
Learn to Play Pandemic & Casual Gaming @Mission Fun & Games
Steampunk Dinner (Clockwork Crafters Consortium)
Open Data Day Hackathon

March 5
Mutts & Meeples
GOBlet’s Play Steampunk Rally!
Edmonton Collector Con

March 8, 2017
Nerd Nite Edmonton #6

March 9
Dark Matters: Projectiles

March 11, 2017
High Score Presents: A MARIO PARTY Party – Mar. 11
DOTA2 tournament at Overklocked
Titans Japanime Festival (Harry Ainlay School)

March 15, 2017
Majesty Industries Store Opening
Board N Brew Café Opens

March 17
Mass Effect Andromeda On The IMAX for Extra Life Presented by Bioware
Books 2 Buy Sale (Whitemud Crossing Branch) Mar. 17-19

March 18
Videogamageddon 2017 (24 Hour Gaming Marathon for GEARS)
IMAX Pajama Party @ Telus World Of Science
-Iron Fist Releases on Netflix.
YEG DND Returns

March 20
Mass Effect: Andromeda Launch Night @ The Rec Room

March 21,2017
-Mass Effect Andromeda Releases.

March 25
March Meltdown – March 25
Student DevCon 2017
Gardening For Geeks: Mar. 25

March 26,2017
Anchorman Quote-A-Long @Metro Cinema
Edmonton Pop Culture Fair

March 29
Knit, Purl, Play! (@ Table Top Café) – March 29

March 30
On Spec Magazine Launch Party

Friday, March 31
Late Night Game Night @ The Gamers’ Lodge
Board Game Night @ EPL Makerspace
World’s Best Commercials – Best of Cannes Lions at Metro Cinema

Saturday, April 1
Spirit of Rebellion Preview Event @ Apt To Game
Let’s Swing Dance – Wookiee Appreciation Day!
Star Wars: Destiny “Spirit of Rebellion” Preview Event
Grand Opening Party for Majesty and Friends!
Happy Harbor Live Model Drawing – April 1
Commander Tournament @ The Fort Gaming in Fort Saskatchewan
Learn to Play Boss Monster @ Mission Fun & Games
Deep Calls 2 Deep / Treasure Hunt @ Wee Book Inn
2017 MMRF Spring Swap Meet
TG X-Wing Game Day: Come And Play! @ Thunderground (St. Albert)
Exquisite Cards and Collectibles Show – Mill Woods Towne Centre

Sunday, April 2
Star City Games Invitational Qualifier Hosted By Red Claw Gaming
TG Star Wars Destiny Spirit Of The Rebellion Prerelease @ Thunderground
Netrunner Tournament at Table Top Cafe South
Dropfleet Commander Escalation League Session Two
Wrestle Mania Playstation Tournament at The Pint

April 5

Mario Kart Tournament @ Denizen Hall

April 6
LGN Presents: BYO Craft Night – April 6

April 8
Gobfest begins (Apr. 8-9)
Hearthstone Tournament @ Microsoft WEM
Costume and Cosplay Super sale
Charity Scotch Tasting- @ Happy Harbor
League of Legends tournament @Overklocked

April 12, 2017
Nerd Nite Edmonton #7

April 15
Monty Python and the Holy Grail Quote-A-Long @ Metro Cinema
Amonket Open House (Learn To Play MTG Event) @ Warp 2
All-You-Can-Eat Cereal Cartoon Party
Animation Character Class with Ron Lamarre

April 20
XGen’s The Low Road Releases (Local Game)

April 22
Hearthstone tournament at Overklocked
YEG DND: Improv Edition Fringe Fundraiser
Variant Edition Community Clothing Swap (AKA Geek Swap)

April 23
PowerCub: Improvised Star Wars

April 26
Building & Beers w/ YEG Date Night

April 27
Reel Science: War of the Worlds

April 28
Introvert’s Reading Night

April 29
International Tabletop Day
Harry Potter and the Field Trip to Hogwarts (Win a trip to the Wizarding World Of Harry Potter!)

May 3
Star Wars Disco Night @ The Needle Vinyl Tavern – May 3

May 4, 2017
Star Wars Day
May The 4th Be With You! Live Music & Screening At The Needle

May 5, 2017
-Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 releases in theatres.
Introvert’s Reading Night

May 6, 2017
Improvised Dungeons & Dragons (w/Mark Meer) (Rapid Fire Theatre)
MayDay Con 2017 (Miniatures Gaming)
Autism Superhero 5k Walk/Run
Free Comic Book Day

May 7
2017 Edmonton French Comic Book Festival: May 7th – 27th
Pray For Brady Bottle Drive

May 10, 2017
Nerd Nite Edmonton #8 (Final Show of Season)
First Ever Nerd Nite Speed Dating

May 11
Suds & Science @ TWOSE

May 13
The Unspoken Tournament
National Girls Learning Code Day – May 13
Overwatch tournament at Overklocked
Improvised Dungeons & Dragons (w/Mark Meer) (Rapid Fire Theatre)

May 15
Chris Hadfield’s Canada 150 Tour – May 15

May 20, 2017
Inception VR: Virtual Reality Art Show
Distant Worlds: Music From Final Fantasy
Improvised Dungeons & Dragons (w/Mark Meer) (Rapid Fire Theatre)

May 25
Arcade Battle At The Rec Room
High Score Pop-up #3

May 27
The Classic Video Games Championship @NAIT  Cancelled
Improvised Dungeons & Dragons (w/Mark Meer) (Rapid Fire Theatre)

May 28
Pop-up Cupcake Cat Café: Take 2 – May 28th

May 31
Mario Kart Deluxe Tournament – May 31 @ Denizen Hall

June 1
Alchemy Apparel Opens

June 2
-Wonder Woman Releases in Theatres

June 3
Wonder Woman Day

June 7
The Music Of Harry Potter @ The Winspear

June 10
The Deadlandz – June 10th
The Devils Steampunk Tea Party  Cancelled

June 11
Edmonton Collector Con – June 11

June 15
Star Wars Trivia at Denizen Hall

June 16
The Apocalypse Kow Spring Fling – June 16
DEDfest Tough As F**K International Action Film Festival: June 16-17
Pac-Man Battle Royale Tournament

June 17
Free RPG Day
Games On A Boat
Alchemy Apparel Presents Kirby Morrow

June 23
Defenders Of The Triforce – Jun 23-25

June 25
High Score Pop-Up & YEG Twitch Meetup
Batman: The Movie – Adam West Tribute at Metro Cinema

July 1
The Science Behind Pixar opens at The Telus World Of Science

July 7
-Spider-Man: Homecoming releases in Theatres.

July 16
Table Top Summer Market

July 21
LARGECON 2017 begins (July 21-23)
Extra Life @ K-Days July 21-30

July 22
Randall City Ft. Squid (Smash Brothers Tournament) Jul 22 & 23
Saturday Morning All You Can Eat Cereal Cartoon Party

July 28
Pure Spec Festival Begins (Jul 28-29)

July 29
Whiskey Belles Charity Scotch Tasting (@ Happy Harbor)

August 3
LGN Presents: Robots, Sex & Gender

August 10
Fragapalooza 2017: August 10-13

August 11
Animethon begins (Aug. 11-13)

August 19
YESS Quest: 24-Hourour Gaming Marathon
Edmonton’s First LEGO Weekend (Aug. 19-20th)

August 26
Alberta Beat Down 2017

September 1
KEFCon Begins (Sep. 1-3)

September 2
Doctor Who Comics Day

September 6
Nerd Nite Edmonton #36: The Fall of the Nerds!

September 16
GDX VR Symposium -Cancelled
The Deadlandz Zombie Apocalypse Simulation

September 17
Variant Edition Fall Community Clothing Swap – September 17th

September 21
Lumen – Where Science Meets Cocktails

September 22
Edmonton Expo Begins (Sept. 22-24)

September 23
-Batman Day

September 29
Game-A-Lot Begins (Sep 29-Oct. 1)

September 30
EFGC Presents Kings Of Strong Style (Fighting Game Tournament)

October 1
An Afternoon with Chris Hadfield Oct. 1st

October 7
Nerd Nite Presents: Alan Cross’s Music Quiz – Oct. 7th

October 9
Turkey Shoot! The Mummy at Metro Cinema

October 10
Experience Points Music @ The Yardbird Suite

October 11
Nerd Nite #37

Friday, October 13, 2017
Festival Of Fear (Film Festival)
IntrigueCon Begins (Oct. 13-15)
Harry Potter Festival of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Game Jam – Fall Semester 2017
Dead Centre of Town Begins (Oct. 13th-31st)

Saturday, October 14
Mission: Inflatable
Edmonton Hearthstone Tournament
Reel Family Cinema: The Adventures of Baron Munchausen
VR Haunted House Event By High Score & Inception VR
Trilogy of Terror: Ode to Poe Radio Show
Night Gallery: Skeleton Farm’s Halloween Horrorshow at Metro

Sunday, October 15
Post-Apocalyptic Makeup and Costume with Gaylynne and Christy
Social Deduction Sunday @ Apt To Game
2017 League Of Legends Group stage day 8 VOD @ High Score
Pub Quiz Night @ Pawn & Pint
Sci-Fi Cinema presents Brazil at Metro Cinema

October 17

Dedfest begins (Oct. 17-22)

October 19
Dark Matters: ‘Fears & Phobias’

October 21
Onslaught begins (Oct. 21-22)
Animethon Fall Swap Meet

October 25

Friday, October 27th
Monster Mash-Up Movie Marathon (Fri-Sun) Telus World of Science)
VR Haunted House – Games (Fri-Sat) @Londonderry Mall w/ Inception VR
B.Y.O Board Game Night @Dirtbag Café
Spooktacular 2017 – The Witching Hour (Fri-Sat) @ Fort Edmonton Park
Dead Centre of Town X (Fri-Sun) @Fort Edmonton Park
Game OVR: Arcade of Nightmares (Fri-Sat)
Zombie Godfather: Films of George A. Romero at Metro Cinema

October 28
Halloween Comicfest
Happy 4th Birthday Table Top Café!
Halloween At The Gamers’ Lodge
STAR WARS READS @The Sherwood Park Bookworm
Armies On Parade 2017 : Age of Sigmar Parade Day (Games Workshop)
Reel Family Cinema: Ghostbusters – free for kids 12 & under @Metro Cinema
Scary Stories to Tell at The Carrot Coffee House
Hotel Transylvania: Costume Party in the IMAX Theatre
Judgment Night @Force on Force Tactical
High Score eSports Halloween Party “Junkenstein’s Revenge”
Let’s Talk Science presents School of Witchcraft and Wizardry: Science is Magic
SOLD OUT Rocky Horror Picture Show at Metro Cinema – Oct 26 & 28

October 29
Fall Edmonton Pop Culture Fair
Zombie Makeup 101 with Gaylynne Fell
Pumpkin Patch Pyramids @The Mutant Conservatory
Kids Learning Code Halloween Spectacular: Programming w/ Ruby (Morinville)
Edmonton Twitch Community Meetup
Shin Godzilla at Metro Cinema – Oct 29 & Nov 1

November 3
-Thor: Ragnarok releases in Theatres

November 4, 2017
Extra Life 2017

November 17
-Justice League Releases in Theatres
Alberta Pop Culture & Cosplay Extravaganza begins (Nov. 17-18)

November 18
Local Comic Shop Day

November 28
The Music Of Star Wars @ The Winspear (Nov. 28-29)

Friday, December 1st
Royal Bison Fair: Winter 2017 Edition (Dec. 1-3)
Butterdome Craft Sale 2017 (Nov. 30-Dec. 3)
Get Shrieked Shrek The Musical @ Victoria School of Arts
Zelda Symphony in Edmonton @ Jubilee Auditorium
Your Name at Metro Cinema – Dec 1-4
Late Night Game Night @ The Gamers’ Lodge
Lucky – Harry Dean Stanton Tribute at Metro Cinema – Dec 1-9

Saturday, December 2nd
180 Army Cadet Fundraising Tournament (Table Top War-games)
Brian’s Topless Board Game Sale Take 2 @ Table Top Café
22 Days til Chirstmas Sale! @ All Star Sports Cards & Collectibles
Recording 101 at EPL
Saturday Storm at the Rec Room
5v5 League of Legends tournament – Viewing Party
Reel Family Cinema: A Christmas Story – Free for kids 12 & under
2017 Fall Wizkids Open – Dice Masters @ Mission Fun & Games (St. Albert)

Sunday, December 3rd
(Chaos) Black Sunday Bits Swap
A. CONstruction class – Bracer Making Class @ Just Be Cos
Holiday Craft Fair @ Happy Harbor Comics
Holiday Craft Market @ Table Top Café
Local Writer Christmas Shindig! @ Variant Edition
Out-of-the-Box Drop-In Gaming
Pub Quiz Night
Disney On Ice presents Follow Your Heart

December 13
Star Wars Trivia @ Beercade
Jurassic Park Screening with Brother Octopus

December 14
Pixar Adult Access Night 18+ @ Telus World Of Science
Secret Santa Sketch Swap 2017 @ Happy Harbor (Open Door Comics)

December 15
-Star Wars: The Last Jedi releases in theatres
Jedi Addison Dreams & Wishes Fundraiser
Grand Opening/Star Wars Weekend @ Connexxions Board Game Café
EBGX Xmas Party @ The Gamers’ Lodge
EPL Fireside (NEW EXPANSION HYPE) (Hearthstone)
Grindstone Comedy Bar – Preview Launch
HQ Trivia Night (Sherwood Park)

December 16
Smash Box Open
The Witchery Market – Dec 16th & 17th
Yule with The Original Edmonton Witches Market
Reel Family Cinema: Home Alone – Free for kids 12 & under
Christmas Market @ Theatre Garage
Saturday Series: Cage Match! Improv Battle
2017 WBX Tournament (Edmonton Chess Club)
Night Gallery: VHS Mystery Movie Night at Metro Cinema

December 17
Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale at Metro Cinema
Elf Christmas Triva Extravaganza at The Pint Downtown
Christmas Party 2017 @ Games Workshop Kingsway

December 19
RPG Matchmaking Night #2

December 20
Harry Potter Trivia Night at CRAFT Beer Market | Round 3
Your Favourite Game Show @ The Rec Room

December 21
Simpsons Christmas Trivia -Dec 21st @8pm

December 22
Sleeping Beauty – A Christmas Pantomime
Canada on Screen presents Black Christmas – Free Admission!

December 23
Quote-A-Long Die Hard at Metro Cinema
CHiMPROV feat. Doctor Whom

December 24
Batman Returns at Metro Cinema

December 25
Drop-in Pen & Paper RPG Night

December 26
Boxing Day Super Sale @ The Gamers’ Lodge
Boxing Day Party! @MacBeth Comics
1st Annual Boxing Day Blow Out! (Ultimate Key Issue Comics)
Boxing Day Sale (Hyperspace Comics)
Beercade’s Boxing Day Blowout!
TTC Boxing Day Sale! (Table Top Café)
TG Boxing Week Sale (Thunderground Comics & Collectibles)
Boxing Day Sale – Star Lotus Games
HH’s Boss’ Boxing Day Sale (Happy Harbor Comics)
It (2017) – Customer Appreciation Free Admission at Metro

December 28
Risk-Mas Tournament @ Beercade
Pixar Adult Access Night 18+
Metro Retro presents The Crow at Metro Cinema

December 29
Ugly Sweaters, Live Music, & 2 Casks. @ The Gamers’ Lodge
Dark Side of Oz at Metro Cinema
Sleeping Beauty – A Christmas Pantomime @ Fort Edmonton Park

December 30
Edmonton Twitch Livestream Holiday Party!

December 31
New Years at the Pawn and Pint
Back to the 80’s New Year’s party @ Connexxions Café