MTG & LAN Party @ Warp One (Tonight Only)

I hope you’ll excuse me for being a bit behind over the holidays. I didn’t even notice this until late last night… Ever wanted to play Magic: The Gathering & a variety of computer games in a comic store until 3am? Pack up your laptop then, cause Warp One is giving you a chance tonight.

RSVP at the event link here.

More information available in the event comments. This event will be used to gauge interest and will return if attendance is high enough. I have had a lot of people express interest in something over the holidays around this time as many people are on vacation. Please click ‘going’ if you are planning on coming to any of these events so we can gauge how many extra tables to add.

Magic Starts at 7 PM

Structured (happens at a certain time)
7 PM Eternal Masters Draft $21
9 PM RTR Block Draft – $9
9 PM Commander 4-Man Pod – $5
9 PM Legacy $15
10 PM KLD Draft (No Prizing) – $6
11 PM Triple RTR Draft (No Prizing) – $6
12 PM KLD Draft (No Prizing) – $6

Unstructured (happens on demand)
Standard Win-A-Box 8 Man Single Elimination – $15
Modern Win-A-Box 8 Man Single Elimination – $15
Legacy Win-A-Box 8 Man Single Elimination – $15
Intro-Pack Duel – $12
KLD Draft-Til-You-Drop – $10
Crazy Draft-Til-You-Drop – $10
Mini Masters – $5

LAN Party Starts at 9 PM

Please bring your own computer or laptop, we will have extension cords to plug in towers. Set up and sign ups for 9:30 events are between 9 PM and 9:30 PM. Front door will be closed, we will keep the back open.

9:30 PM League of Legends Duel Ladder
9:30 PM Super Smash Bros. Melee Ladder – $5
10:00 PM Dota 2 Duel Ladder
10:30 PM Age of Mythology Duel Ladder
10:30 PM Warcraft 3 Duel Ladder
11:00 PM MTGO Duels Any Format
11:00 PM Starcraft 2 Duels
12:00 PM Warcraft 3 Custom Game Duels
12:00 PM Counterstrike: Global Offensive Duel Ladder

Unstructured (Come expecting to play this based on demand):
League of Legends 1v1, 3v3, 5v5
Dota 2 1v1, 3v3, 5v5
Starcraft 2 Open Play
Age of Mythology XvX
Warcraft 3 XvX & Custom Games
Super Smash Bros. Melee FFA

Pizza for all entrants all night starting at 9 PM.
Mountain Dew for all entrants starting at 9 PM.
Planeschase Anthology Door Prize for MTG Entrants