Beginner Miniature Painting Clinic – Jan.14

I’m not totally certain if this is the first official event being hosted at Apt To Game or not but I think so…? At any rate, D. Robert Cooke from the also brand new will be putting on a clinic for those of you who are tired of playing with unpainted miniatures.

Details here., Apt to game & D.Robert Cooke “The Miniatures Man” is proud to announce our first beginners miniatures painting clinic being held at Apt to Game in Edmonton. 

The cost to you:Free
6:00 pm to 9:00 pm
All supplies provided, just bring your entheuasim and questions and be ready to learn how to start painting your gaming miniatures so they look great on the table.

Topics covered:
Prep and priming
Base coat and shading
Hilites and detail