Rogue One Premiere Party (Dec. 14 @ The Buckingham)

Kind of weird I haven’t mentioned much about the new Star Wars movie opening next week… (I’m unbelievably excited about it though). On a personal level, I think it might even be better than The Force Awakens. The trailers look sooooo good…

Anyway, feel like celebrating with your fellow Edmonton Star Wars nerds? Come on out to The Buckingham on Dec. 14th.

See the link here.

I think many of us agree that this now-yearly excitment of a new Star Wars Universe movie each December is pretty rad.
Perhaps our owners had different ideas when they thought ‘the employees will throw some wild parties,’ and in the place of crazy weekend benders, we’re instead nearly shitting our nerdy pants in anticipation for Rogue One. I mean, are you kidding? The DEATH STAR PLANS? The Empire at it’s most ruthless? Darth Vader at his cruelest? Oh mama. Thus, we figured providing a night before the release to dork out about such details would be great for the nerd in all of us. We’ll ask some trivia, we’ll give away some premiere tickets, and hell, maybe some of us will even be wearing some costumes. Anywho, we’ll see you next week and may the force be with you.

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