Two Comic & Gaming Stores Opening Today!

Yup. Two stores opening today. You read that right. Considering how crazy I am to see a new store, it’s been a very good run in the last few months. Here’s a few more details for you on the two of them today.

Ok, so they’re not exactly “new” in the traditional sense of the word but The Comic Shop opens for the first time in its new location and now they’re selling video games & collectibles as well. We’ve been following their renovations with great interest and we’ll definitely be stopping in at 9011-111 Ave when they open at 11am today.

Next up is an endeavour we’ve been mentioning over the last little while. A hybrid store of two online & flea market businesses. You may have seen Apt To Game & Rogue’s Hideout running separate booths at the Expo but now they’re opening a store together at 5722-104 Street. They’ll be open at 10am today.

I’m a bit of a nerd about this but I hope you’re excited to check them both out as well!

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