‘Hacked’ Podcast Gets A TV Series!

It’s time to redefine what it means to have a successful Edmonton podcast… The guys behind http://www.hackedpodcast.com are getting a chance to bring it to TV!

Here’s the link to the announcement so check it out and wish them well on their Facebook Page.

Vancouver, Canada / TheNewswire / November 22, 2016 – Network Media Group Inc. (“Network” or “the Company”) (TSX: NTE.V) is pleased to announce it has acquired the exclusive right to adapt the iTunes podcast Hacked as a television series. Created by tech entrepreneurs and storytellers Scott Francis Winder and Jordan Bloemen, the Hacked podcast explores the curious, enlightening, and occasionally criminal, underbelly of the internet. With the podcast currently attracting tens of thousands of followers for each new instalment, Network and the Hacked creators will expand the scope and scale of the storytelling to bring its legions of podcast followers an even bigger payoff, with a deeper dive into the myriad mysteries and other compelling stories lurking in the online world.

“The Hacked podcast has attracted a wide following online”, stated Derik Murray, Network CEO and Executive Producer, “We are excited to work with the creators, Scott Winder and Jordan Bloeman, to harness their insight and experience into the dramatic storylines and global consequences of the cyber sedition within the digital revolution, and together deliver this topical and fascinating world to television.”

“It seems that every day a news story breaks that speaks to digital security or some other online issue”, noted Co-Creator Scott Francis Winder, “Although there are many series that try to latch onto this growing curiosity, most fail to represent reality, and our mission is to continue to bring the same authenticity to the television series as we have with the podcast.”

“The secret to the success of Hacked was to attract an audience by mimicking how a young hacker might be exposed to the world of hacking”, added Co-Creator Jordan Bloemen, “We will employ that same strategy to bring even more profound and entertaining insights to the television series.”

– See more at: https://www.thenewswire.com/archives?id=BNMF542A#sthash.fHw0ubJk.dpuf

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