The Philosopher’s Stone LARP (@ Warp 2)

What are you up to next Saturday? Ever wanted to try a LARP? Well, the group behind LARGECon and the Edmonton Live Action Role-Playing Guild is putting on an event at Warp 2 that’s very accessible for beginners.

The event link is here.

$100K is a lot of money, enough to change a life. A group of finalists to a mysterious lottery have been invited to an evening of food, drink, and the chance to win. Coming from different backgrounds and walks of life, each needs the money…and each has caught the barest glimpse of the universe’s secret truths.

The Archmagus Argent put out the call. He offered a test, a challenge, with a reward far more valuable than gold. Each Cabal called needed the strength of new members, and here was a crop of those on the verge of Awakening. “Discover the trigger to push them over the edge”, he told the mages, “and perhaps you can convince them to join”. His words were True, and the Cabals came to share the means of transcending wealth entirely: the gift, and the curse, of enlightenment.

Please note that the Finalists are recommended for new players (and are maked with an asterix*), and the Mages for experienced players.


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