Rigby Muldoon: Bad Situation Kickstarter

Maybe you remember Rigby Muldoon from the Fringe? Well it’s back and looking to be bigger than ever! I’ve always had a soft spot for time travellers… or I did before I destroyed the Spacetime Continuum. Speaking of which, you can get an awesome t-shirt explaining how it got destroyed by supporting this awesome local Kickstarter.

Check details here.


The Story: Annie is drowning her sorrows in a dive bar when she is suddenly ambushed by a man armed with a time-freezing gun. Out of her depth and a little drunk, her only hope is a gruff stranger claiming to be a professional time traveller. How did she wind up here? Who can she trust? And will she make it out with her timeline intact? 

We’ve spent the last year writing, planning, and shooting our short film Bad Situation, and we are now in the post-production phase of the project. This action comedy short blends elements of film noir and science fiction, and as such, it’s hardly surprising that we have some ambitious special effects. We worked diligently to achieve practical effects in-camera wherever possible, but some aspects simply must be completed through computer-generated imagery.

Laser-blasts! Time warps! Force fields! Remember all the awful special effects you’ve seen in movies? Terrible aren’t they? Well, that’s not what our team (or anyone) wants to see. And that’s why we need your help! Talented artists, along with computer software and hardware are not cheap, so we need your support in raising $4000 to help pay for these things.


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