EBGX Xmas Party & Gift Exchange – Dec. 11

Have you been to a Nerdy gift exchange before? How about one where everyone guaranteed to get a $50 board game? If you’ve got something just sitting around (never opened) that you’d like to trade for something else; here’s your chance! Just bring your sealed game to The Gamer’s Lodge on December 11.

See the details below and the event link here.

To attend please Register for the event. 
To Register please contact The Gamer’s lodge or myself. Each participant must contribute one new game (Still in shrink), minimum $50.

The rules for the chinese gift exchange are as follows:
We will draw numbers to determine who picks 1st to last. There will be a pile of games wrapped on a table. The first person gets to pick a gift from the table. The second person now has the option to steal from the person who has already opened their gift or open a new gift and this will continue on until everyone has an opened gift. (Max number of 3 steals every round and you can’t steal back from someone who stole from you in the same round 🙂

The $5 gaming fee will apply at The Gamers’ Lodge on the night of the exchange (gaming and mingling encouraged!)

– If your game is purchased at The Gamers’ Lodge, you will receive 5% off, and your $5 gaming fee will be waived for the event (Let The Gamer’s lodge know you are registered for this event at time of purchase for discount and waived fee)

– You can drop off your game in advance at The Gamers’ Lodge, they will hold it until the event and wrap it if necessary

– 10% of all food & drink sales on the night of the event will return to the BGE group for website costs, marketing, etc

– If 40 people register, The Gamers’ Lodge will reserve the entire store

– Capped at 80 registrations

– The Gamers’ Lodge can order any games they may not have in stock with advance notice (pending availability with distributors)


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