Classic Video Game Championships – Nov. 26

It’s been a little busy and it seems like the CGVC always sneaks up on me… It’s about two weeks though so hopefully you’ve got enough time to get some practice in? I’m still kicking myself for not entering last time when F-Zero was part of the gauntlet… I lost months of my life playing that game up in Yellowknife.

Anyway, here is the Facebook event link.

We are proud to announce the new season of Classic Video Game Championships! We’ve grown over the last year and aim for this event to be the biggest and best yet! In order for us to continue to grow we will be introducing a $5 Door Fee, however that entrance fee will gain you access to All of the Wizard’s Challenge games (and eligible for the prizes to the winners of those games) as well as the Awesome Vendors, Game Developers and all the Play for Fun games we will have available! As always updates at

November 26 & 27, 2016

NAIT, North Lobby

Entrance Fee $5

We are also adding new tournaments to give everyone more options!

Registrations are currently open for these games:

NES Gamer Gauntlet

Super Smash Bros. (64, Melee, PM, Smash 4)

Minecraft (Battle, Tumble, 1 Hour Epic Builds)

Mario Maker: 1 Hour Level Design Challenge

Classic Video Game Championship’s Mystery Battle

Other Tournaments which will be offered: (Check back for more information!)

Pokemon: TCG

Pokemon: VG

Pokemon: GO!

More to come!

Registrations are also open for:

Developer Showcase



Time to have some FUN!

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