Virtual Reality Art Show Today & Tomorrow

Ready for something new that most of us have never seen? How about A Virtual Reality Art Show? It runs today and tomorrow at Inception VR.

Find the event link here.

Come and put a headset on and see 3D art!

Just to confirm, you will not have the opportunity to make art but view what artists have created.

Location is where the Grow centre is on Google.
10516 82 ave. Apple maps is wrong at least for my phone!

Free event 100% donations go towards paying the rent and the artists!

We are open so come check out VR before the event!

Running Saturday and Sunday 12 noon to 10 pm 

This is a kid friendly event before 8pm

This is a private function members only! Anyone who has shown interest and responded on this page can come and sign up the day of the event and be a member for free!

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