HackEd Fall 24-Hour Hackathon (Nov. 12-13)

Not sure if it’s just a case of people realizing that nerds in this city don’t get a lot of sleep but it seems like there’s a lot of 24 hour events lately. Between the 24 hour comic day, Extra-Life and the 48 hour Game Jam coming up in two weeks, it’s as though we’re not supposed to get any sleep… Well now there’s yet another one!

The Computer Engineering Club at the U of A is having a 24 hour hackathon on Nov. 12-13 and you can find all the details and the link to register here.


HackEd is a 24-hour hackathon by the Computer Engineering Club

When: November 12-13

Where: Startup Edmonton (301, 10359 – 104 Street | Mercer Warehouse |  Edmonton, Alberta)

Registration Fee: $10

Hackathons are for hacking: creating and collaborating on software and hardware projects. The Computer Engineering Club is hosting another hackathon this fall. HackEd Fall aims at getting beginners hacking! With mentors (from Jobber, DriveWyze and Gfycat), API prizes and food, HackEd fall is a valuable and awesome experience for all. Regiser here

What happens during the 24 hours?

After check-in, we kick things off, with a short presentation by Ben Zitlau of Jobber about “Hackathon Primer”  with some tips and tricks for successful hackathon participation. Then the participating companies, Jobber, Gfycat and DriveWyze will introduce their product/platform as well as an overview of their API including sample ideas on what to build.

Then the competition begins! Participants can work in teams or individually. Company participants will be on site to work side-by-side with students, available to help with things like troubleshooting, code review, etc.

When company participants aren’t busy working with students, they’ll be encouraged to work on a project of their own (and maybe have a separate prize for the best company to build a project).

After the 24 hours, we’ll take a break to grab some food and then get set up for teams to demo what they’ve built for our panel of judges.

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