Choose Your Own Book Reading – Nov. 24 (@ Variant Edition)

Ever been to a live reading of a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book where the audience chooses the answer? Me neither… but maybe it’s time? Check out Variant Edition’s experiment on Nov. 24th.

Facebook Event link here.

A brand new reading experience from the good folks at Variant Edition!

The evening begins with a group CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE reading, where the crowd decides which direction to take. We’ll be reading from the title “THE MAGIC OF THE UNICORN”. Be prepared!

Afterwards, we are encouraging people to bring weird and interesting books from their childhood, to read passages from them. The passages can be weird, funny or poignient.

Attendees don’t have to partake in either part of the evening if they don’t want to, and can just stop in for a night of reading fun!

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