Comix: Beyond The Comic Book Pages (at Metro Cinema)

Hey look, two of our favourite things are teaming up to bring you something else nerdy & awesome. Thanks Metro Cinema & Happy Harbor!

There’s only one showing on November 21st at 7pm so get your tickets asap! Link here.

COMIX: Beyond The Comic Book Pages is an exciting documentary about the world of comic books and the comic phenomenon, told through the thoughts and images of creators, writers, artists, publishers, comic book store owners, collectors, and most especially, the fans, who have made this phenomenon what it is today.

Happy Harbor Comics was named Canada’s Best Comic Store in 2007 not just for their quality of service and massive selection but also for their efforts in community service, raising thousands for Literacy initiatives, and their strong support of the arts. They serve as the hub for the local, independent comic creating community and established the first ever Comics Artist-in-Residence position in Canada.


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