KEFCon: Second Edition (Nov. 18-20)

Early bird registration closes on Oct. 31, so you’ve got 5 days (including today) to get a cheaper rate for 3 days of board gaming. This is the second main event now for KEFCon (and third overall) and each one is bigger than the last. From what I’ve heard, they’ve already got a sizeable number of people registered for this one too; so there is even more incentive to get registered early before your favourite game fills up.

As always, event details can be found here.

To register go here:
Where you can view the schedule and sign up for games.

Keeping Evenings Fun Convention’s second annual event is from November 18th to the 20th which will feature over 70 scheduled boardgames! All hosted and taught by our awesome group of teachers. 

Come out to enjoy new and old favorite boardgames ranging from all skill levels. New to the hobby and looking for some entry level games? We’ve got those! Seasoned veteran? We’ve got those exclusive Kickstarter games, out of print gems, and Euro-games heavier than that last piece of cheesecake you ate.

We’ll also have vendors on site from 
The Gamer’s Lodge
And from Elements Games and Apparel

Both will be on hand to sell you board games and neat collectibles.

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