Monday Crowdfunding Update: Causes, Kickstarters & More!

This week, we’re adding in Extra-Life to help with the final push for Nov. 5. Check our fundraising page here if you can help out the Stollery!

Now Funding:

Grimoire Animated Series Kickstarter (23 Days Left)

Mermaids, Giants & Mythology: An Inktober Colouring Book -Kickstarter (21 days left)

Re-animating Carys’ art-Go Fund Me (support a local nerdy artist recovering from an accident) (Open Funding timeline)

SpiderMable: The Film IndieGogo (1 Month Left)

The City Will Fall Inkshares Campaign (11 Days Left)

Blotendo Kickstarter (9 Days Left)

Know of a campaign we should add to this list? Send us an e-mail at  and we’ll put it up too!

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