Aliens 30th Anniversary – Metro Cinema (Nov.1)

Aliens was one of two movies I was too scared to make it all the way through when I was 8 years old (the other one being Mars Attacks for some reason…). I did eventually watch the whole movie but only after a few years of bad dreams…

That said, I think it’d be awesome to see it on the big screen and Metro Cinema will be giving you a chance to do just that on Nov. 1st.

Get your tickets here.

Ellen Ripley is found in deep space by a salvage ship, 57 years after narrowly escaping with her life – and her cat – at the end of Alien. She discovers that The Company has colonized the moon where the alien was first encountered. When contact with the colony is lost, The Company sends a team of Space Marines, along with Ripley as an “advisor”, to find out what has happened.

Tuesday November 1 at 9:30

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