High Harvest Festival (Large-Scale D&D Event-Oct. 29)

Ready for another epic multi-day, multi-table event of Role-Playing Games at Avalon Knights? Check out their “High Harvest Festival” on October 29th & 30th.

Attention Students teachers and alumni of the Avalon Knights Adventurers Academy High Harvest tide is upon is and the no one celebrates like the Avalon Knights. We request the presence of all students teachers and alumni at Avalon keep on October 29 to join in our celebration. There will be a grand feast, tests of strength and curage and dancing as well. 

It has been a good year for the Avalon Knights adventurers academy and we will be celebrating the defeat of many evils and the aquisition of many rare and powerful artifacts. 

The administration of Avalon Knights understands that there are rumors circulating about a disturbance in the vaults. We assure you our staff have it in hand. 

This is a large scale Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition event spanning four seperate groups all working towards the same goal. 

the event will cost $10 to enter and space will be limited as we will only have 20 seats available. This is an excellent opportunity to get some great gear equipment and renown for your characters. so come join us for an Avalon Knights Dungeons and Dragons special event! 

taking place at Avalon Knighs 16524 111 ave nw edmonton alberta from 12:00noon to 10pm register in store space is limited


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