Edmonton Nerd List Anniversary (& Youtube Broadcast)

What better way to celebrate the one year anniversary (so it’s October 12… but it should have been today) of a website started by someone who had no idea of how to run a website than by starting something else I have no idea how to do?

Welcome to the Edmonton Nerd List Youtube Channel.

In the coming days (possible weeks if I haven’t given up), we’ll be bringing the best of Edmonton’s Nerds onto the worst of Edmonton’s broadcasts. Think very much about the um… glory days of Cable Access. We’re talking poor lighting, horrible questions and the very distinct possibility of long, awkward pauses and no eye contact.

So bad it’s good? I highly doubt it…

That said, I’ll do it so long as people are willing to come on.

Check out our inaugural broadcast featuring Daniel Hodges from IntrigueCon. We talk about the upcoming event and reminisce about how IntrigueCon was involved in the  inspiration behind the Nerd List.

Also, we keep it short (none of these will be over 10 minutes). We know you have important Nerdy stuff to do….

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