Blotendo Kickstarter

I realized we missed our usual Monday Crowdfunding update this week but rest assured this local Kickstarter will be on it next week… Whatever your feelings on it, the Harmonicartridge by Blotendo might have one of the best/worst pitch videos I’ve ever seen.

I can now retire from the internet. There may be no nerdier thing than this out of Edmonton. Ever.

The Harmonicartridge was dreamed up after a night of video games and music.Though the days of blowing on a game to make it work are over, the dream and nostalgia stay alive. After cobbling together the first prototype out of a broken game and Harmonica, the Harmonicartridge, and Blotendo, was born. After requests from a few friends, we’ve decided to put together a site to not only order your own Harmonicartridge, but to even customize your own label. 

To make this a reality, we have launched a kickstarter and are looking for your support. Meeting our Goal of only $4000 CAD means that we can ship in time for Christmas 2016.  Leveling Up from that goal will add other custom options, new classic label choices and New Color Cartridges to choose from. 

Additionally, you can check out my interview with Brady Grumpelt (the creator) at:


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