Zombie Survival – Pandemic (Oct. 29)

Well it’s finally October so we’re going to try and add something spooky & nerdy every day if we can… We’re already starting to build up a backlog.

Let’s get started with an all-day quest to survive. Here is the event link if you dare…

Overrun Events would like to present its first 12 hour event! 

You’ve just heard that zombies have completely over run the hospitals in your hometown, and that the evacuation orders have been given. Grabbing only what you think you need to survive you head out into the forest and run. 

Along your way you meet more survivors, people from around that haven’t yet been bit, and are struggling to make their way in this new way of life. Zombies on your trail, you decide to make friends with these people- the survivors of the apocalypse.

In this cooperative 12 hour zombie apocalypse survival experience, you will need to join forces with other survivors and gather necessary resources in order to survive waves and waves of zombie hordes, and bandits that may try to steal their way to survival. It’s survival of the fittest in this new apocalypse. Will you succumb to the hordes of the undead, or rise to the top and protect your friends and newfound acquaintances against the scourge? 


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