Science in the Cinema: Contagion

I love this! Science in the Cinema returns to Metro Cinema on October 13th with the entertainment and learning about the subject matter of a featured movie. This time it’s a very infectious subject matter…

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Science in the Cinema is back!

Science in the Cinema presents:
FREE Admission and FREE popcorn!

Health care professionals, government officials and everyday people find themselves in the midst of a pandemic as the Centers for Disease Control works to find a cure.

Following the film there will be a Q & A with Dr. David Evans, Vice Dean of Research, Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, and Dr. Lynora Saxinger, Associate Professor of Infectious Diseases in the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, who will be available to answer questions from the audience about pandemics.

Science in the Cinema is brought to you by the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry and the Arts & Humanities in Health & Medicine Program.

This film is rated 14A. For more information about this film’s content click here:

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