THE WINE AND CHEESE PANELS: An evening of appreciation for teachers and librarians!

As much as I could keep on posting about the Expo. There’s more events to get back to posting about.

Happy Harbor is hosting an event on Oct. 5th for teachers specifically to talk about how to use comics in the classroom. Did I mention there’s free wine & cheese and discounts for teachers in attendance?

Click here for the event link.

Wish our teachers had been able to go to this…

We’ve invited Scott Meunier to come in and lead discussions on specific ways to use graphic novels in the classroom! Scott enjoys helping teachers achieve what they hope to do with students in their classrooms. This workshop will invite participants to generate questions and explore innovative ways of using graphic lit resources. There will also be strategies and take-aways for new and emerging teachers to use for their own (and students’) reflective practices regarding what happens in classrooms. While this panel is focused on the new teacher, experienced teachers and education students are also welcome to take part. The more creative minds to delve into this topic, the better! 

Scott has provided a link to a survey he would like attendees to take so he can gear his talk appropriately:
CLICK HERE to help make this presentation the best it can be for you!

Schedule of Events

6:30PM Doors
7:00PM Guest Speaker, SCOTT MEUNIER
Happy Harbor Comics and Learning Spotlight
Q & A
Discussion and Free Time

We encourage guests to invite any co-workers they think will be interested. Everyone who attends will enjoy a complimentary sampling of different wines and cheeses. As well, in addition to your regular professional discount (30%-40% off for your school/library, invoicing available), you will receive 15% off your personal purchases!

Please RSVP for this event at by Monday October 3rd, 2016.

What are the Wine & Cheese Panels?

Happy Harbor is celebrating the amazing work that teachers, librarians, and educators of all kinds do in their incredibly important profession!

To show our appreciation, we’re hosting The Wine and Cheese Panels, a vital forum for educators to interact with each other, 
meet comic creators, and stimulate ideas and discussion about the exciting educational horizons opened by comics.
Oh, and there will be some amazing refreshments for everyone to enjoy, as the title suggests 😉

As the role of comic books and graphic novels in the classroom and beyond continues to gain the support of educators around the world, the space reserved for them in libraries and schools grows; but no two educational environments are alike, and it can be difficult to assess which materials will best fill those spaces. Happy Harbor can help navigate the world of sequential storytelling.

Between Language Arts and Visual Arts, there are the Sequential Arts.

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