Expo Is Here! Did you make a plan on what to see?

This is it! The biggest Nerdy event of the year in Edmonton is finally here!

If you don’t here much from the Nerd List over the next few days, it’s because I’ve kissed my wife and daughter and headed out to the Expo for the weekend. I’d love to have a booth but there’s so much to do…  The only advice I’ll give you is have a plan for what to do when you get there. If you just want to wander & discover; that’s fine too but make sure you at least know the scheduled events that only happen during a certain day/time.

Here’s the links to what you’ll want to check out in advance to make your plan:

Exhibitors: There’s probably a thousand different booths this year and they’re broken down into Vendors or Artist Alley. There’s a little bit of a mix between the two so check out both lists in advance. Also if you go on Friday, a lot of the vendors will have deals on for that day only.

Gaming: If you need a place to sit down & take a break from the crowds or wait until something starts or you just don’t normally get a chance to play… there’s hosted Role-Playing Games, Board Games, Video Games & Table Top Miniatures Games going on in the Gaming area.

Guests: The Expo broken down guests into three different categories (Media, Artists & Creators and Cosplay) so make sure you check out each one and check the schedule for when they’ll be there).

Panels: They’ve packed 30 panels on everything from Cosplay and LARP to celebrity guests and live demonstrations. Carrie Fisher’s is on Saturday at 4:00pm.

Photo Ops: Not everyone is available at all times. Check the schedule and remember that the broader the appeal, the earlier you might have to lineup to get a photo with them.

Play Area: Need a place to take the little one for a while? Go to the play area and let them play themselves out while you and your partner take turns checking everything out (like we will be).

Also, here’s the link to the map of the show and the Expo also has an app for you to use if you want to streamline the experience. Here’s the link.



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