The Price Of Fame At Edmonton Expo

We’re not the only ones talking about the Expo this year and Mike Ross from local news source is all over it, taking the time to look at all the guests and the price of their fame (well at least for photos & autographs…).

There is one huge unwritten rule at the Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo happening this weekend – bring money.

Oh, sure, you could just stand around and gawk at all the cool nerds in their awesome costumes, but what fun is that? A lot of fun, actually … never mind.

Fans spend college-tuition sums of money at these comic-cons – on gaming, cosplay supplies, at unending booths of merch, and on the big scores: Autographs from the stars. Spelled out on the Expo website are prices (and schedules) for having your photo taken with various guests – but autographs are extra, usually pretty close to what it costs for the photo, say organizers, with the prices set by each visiting celebrity. Could be less. Could be more. Comics guru Stan Lee charged $100 for an autograph last year.

To read the rest of the article, go here.

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