Visions Of Comics 2017

As if any of you needed an excuse to make something artistic… but here you go. Happy Harbor is once again helping put on the Gilbert Bouchard Memorial Art Show, Visions Of Comics 2017.

Better get in on it fast.

To participate in Visions of Comics 2017 you must submit a PROPOSAL FOR PARTICIPATION by Saturday, December 31, 2016. The SUBMISSION DEADLINE for your art is Friday, February 24, 2016. Full information for submission requirements and other details are provided below.


Proposal for Participation Deadline – open until Saturday, December 31, 2016.
Details must include creators proper name, public name (if different)
contact number and email, number and size(s) of pieces being submitted,
along with a description of the subject matter and format for review.

The SUBMISSION DEADLINE for artwork is Friday, February 24, 2017

At this time the name(s) and price(s) of the pieces must be submitted, along with any prints if for sale.

100 Word Write-Up – A 100 word write-up will be requested for the event program.
The write up will also include your contact and website info above the 100 words.


As in the past, this event will be supported by advertising and media promotion.
Please note that due to a limitation on space we cannot accept all proposals.

We will review all proposals and select pieces that we feel will have a strong presentation for the show. Your understanding is appreciated.

This show is dedicated to our friend Gilbert Bouchard who passed away in the spring of 2009.
His good friend Suzette Chan and CBC co-worker Peter Brown shared wonderful memories at the inagural show that allowed those of us who knew Gilbert to smile at his memory and for those of us who didn’t, feel a little closer to him.

Dedicating the show, Visons of Comics, to Gilbert was the inspiration of Yves Lafleur.
Links to our previous events can be found below:

To remember Gilbert, visit the 2016 show, 2015 show, 2014 show, 2012 show, 2010 show, and the inaugural 2009 show.

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